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Tres Carter feat. Taelor Gray & Christon Gray - Return of The Gentleman …

Ladies please, listen up. Fellas, you too

Can I introduce you to the team? This is @frdm.society #frdmsociety #chh #fresh 

Me and @iheartjesus15 with the man God gave the vision to, @bold_humility116
Aug 28, 2014

Can I introduce you to the team? This is @frdm.society #frdmsociety #chh #fresh

Me and @iheartjesus15 with the man God gave the vision to, @bold_humility116

Aug 23, 2014

First time riding in the back of a truck. @justin_harrison #grutf

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NOW THIS is what I’m talkin about!

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When you’re cutting wrapping paper and the scissors glides perfectly 


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#repost from @justnatwellz116

Aug 8, 2014

Tori Kelly - ‘Silent’ from The Giver movie soundtrack

I met God. Who slowly, painfully and divinely pieced me back together.
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In order to become the supreme adult, you must perform the seven wonders:

  • Public speaking
  • Not being afraid of teenagers
  • Calling the doctor yourself
  • Taxes
  • Arguing without crying
  • Having a normal sleep pattern
  • Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’


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A Shadow of A Doubt (spoken word) | @whatisjoedoing

"I’m there, like when I drowned in the Red Sea of My blood for you.
And these hands that took holes will hold you.
And when I told you I would love you forever, I meant it
Don’t you see these rings in my hands? See we are married.
For better or for worse, through sickness and in health
Through faith and through questions
til death brings us closer, you are mine.
You are mine, and I am yours, I promise.”

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Fighting Porn: Internet Accountability | @whatisjoedoing

Romans 8:12-15

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5 Randoms

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  1. Christ has my heart
  2. I’m about to watch Legends of Korra
  3. I watched God serve as Matchmaker for my girlfriend, laurynheart15 and I
  4. I’m grateful for our weirdness
  5. I hope to go out with a God-ordained bang for this senior year.

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